Exhibitions Program

Latin American Art 1900–1970

A new survey of 20th-century Latin American art, based on iconic works from the museum's collection. The exhibition brings together 230 pieces by over 200 artists, and highlights the artistic and cultural richness of the modern period in Latin America, one of the best represented in the Malba Collection. 

Exhibitions Program

Leandro Erlich

More than any artist working today, Leandro Erlich (1973, Buenos Aires) has created a body of sculpture and large installations over the past two decades in which the architectural appearance of the everyday functions as a type of perceptual trap, leading he unsuspecting viewer into a visual paradox that systematically defies what should be the rules and order of the material world.


Visita guiada
Arte latinoamericano 1900-1970

Los miércoles se ofrecerán visitas con distintos enfoques: histórico-político, de género, y manifiestos del arte moderno y sus correlatos en el arte contemporáneo. Los domingos, se ofrecerá el recorrido tradicional con enfoque histórico-político.